Ship products instead of renaming layer groups

What is Bootsketch?

Bootsketch saves you time when designing by giving you Bootstrap components in Sketch format

🌈 Update All colors instantly

πŸ—œ Resize Every Symbol

πŸ“ Exact Specs

All artboards, symbols and components match the Bootstrap 4.0 documentation

πŸ”Œ Plug & Play Symbols

Get ahead of the game by using perfectly crafted components from the start

  • Each Symbol has smart overrides that enable you to design rapidly
  • Easily modify the state, size, and labels of components
  • Turn symbol components, like dropdowns, off when you don't need them
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πŸ“± Made for Responsive πŸ’»

Bootsketch gives you the exact grid spacing from bootstrap at every breakpoint

πŸ‘Œ Self-Explanatory Symbols

Every symbol is self-explanatory and intuitive to use

πŸ“‚ Optimum Organization

Nested symbols and styles make your life easier.

Bootsketch uses a consistent naming convention in all of its symbols, text styles, and layer styles.

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πŸ’ͺ Robust Resizing

Resize any symbol horizontally or vertically. They’re optimized for every viewport!

πŸ“£ Amplify Your Design Process

βœ… 150+ symbol replicas based off the components in bootstrap 4.0

βœ… Matching typography settings at your finger tips through text styles

βœ… Every color linked to each component by layer styles

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πŸ¦„ Endless Variations

Overrides allow you to use the same component for multiple purposes. We’ve packed every ounce of variability into Bootsketch.

Check it out -- These are all the same symbol!

The Perfect Sidekick for UI Designers

Because you're focused on shipping products, not renaming layer groups

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